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Rapid Loans with Financial Credit Institutions for the Reform of your Home

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  • May 9, 2019
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Spring is an ideal time to carry out that reform in your home that you so desire. Certainly, the bonancibles temperatures proper of the station will do that the work does not have to stop by the inclemencies of the time, which will reduce remarkably the duration of the process. However, you may not have the amount of money needed to start this project; therefore, this time we want to talk to you about fast loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

Although at first we may think that being enrolled in Financial Credit Institutions is an obvious indicator that a person does not have a good credit history, more and more people do not agree with this theory. The reality is that it has passed a long stage in which both telephone companies and banks and other entities have used the registration of their customers in this file as an instrument of pressure.

What does it mean to appear in the Financial Credit Institutions file?

When you appear in some file of defaulters, be it Financial Credit Institutions or RAI, it is that you have a pending debt with some entity. By not paying, the company has given your information to alarm other companies to prove it before you again incur default. However, is this really plausible?

As we have mentioned, the inscription in these files has had enormous power for several years. In fact, if you appeared in Financial Credit Institutions you could not sign a telephone contract or contract supplies, much less ask for some type of financing. This caused a huge fear and made many consumers pay the debt was fair or not.

And that’s exactly where the disbelief of more and more companies comes from, what is included in the files of Financial Credit Institutions and RAI. Many companies have registered some clients in a clamorously unfair way for ridiculous debts. Nowadays that is regulated and, unless you owe more than 50 euros, nobody can include you in those listings.

In any case, data still appear for many people who have debts of 30, 20 or 10 euros. So that you understand a little better this abuse that has been committed, we are going to give you a very clear example.

A telephone company claims a customer a bill of 300 euros. This, surprised by the amount, gets in contact with the company to clarify the expenses that have made the bill rise to that amount. The company passes you a list of calls that you have not made and of which there is no record in your terminal. Finally, the client puts a claim to clarify what happened. Similarly, the company continues to demand payment and, by refusing to accept it, the client is registered with Financial Credit Institutions.

Well, this type of claims can take several months or even years to be resolved, since it is necessary to file a complaint so that the company begins to act. During this time, the client has remained enrolled in Financial Credit Institutions with the consequences that this may have entailed.

Well, this case has been repeated in all sectors. Another example can be those people who refused to pay the mortgage fees that did not stop rising.

What are fast loans with Financial Credit Institutions?

As a result of the knowledge of this problem, many of the financial companies that operate on the Internet began to create products for those who appeared in the Financial Credit Institutions files. This has been a safe conduct that was very exploited by these people who, systematically, were rejected by banks.

Therefore, if you are facing the refusal of different banks, do not hesitate to continue reading the information that we will provide you on these products.

A quick loan with Financial Credit Institutions is a financing instrument that allows you to request a specific amount of money (normally, the limit is usually found at 1,000 euros, although this varies depending on the company), although you appear on delinquent lists.

Online financiers have gone a step further in their desire to offer financing to anyone who requires it. Therefore, they study each of the applications and investigate the origin of the debt that has made the applicant is inscribed in the file.

Characteristics of quick loans with Financial Credit Institutions

The first notable feature is that the request is very fast, as well as the acceptance and receipt of the money. This product is designed for people who have an economic urgency and need liquidity quickly. For this reason, at the time of requesting it you will only have to indicate the amount you want and in how much time you can return it.

The company will tell you how much you will have to pay back, and if you accept the financing you will have the money available in a few hours.

Secondly, they also stand out for their simplicity, both to request them and to return them. You will decide everything and you will only have to indicate what you want. To this is added the convenience of being able to do it from your home with only an Internet connection and a computer.

On the other hand, you will need very little paperwork, since most of the companies will only ask for a proof that you have regular income and a scanned photocopy of your identity document. Something that, by all accounts, contributes to the speed and simplicity of the process.

Necessary requirements to request a quick loan with Financial Credit Institutions

It is important to emphasize that, depending on the financial company to which you request the money, these requirements may vary. However, there are some that are common to all of them and that we explain below:

  • Having the identity document in force: either your ID or your NIE, must be valid at the time of requesting the loan.
  • Credit a regular income: since the entity gives you the opportunity to request financing even appearing on the list of Financial Credit Institutions, proving a perception of regular income is essential. The best thing is to have a payroll; however, depending on the amounts you receive, they will also accept a pension or unemployment benefit.
  • Reside in Spain: if you do not have your tax domicile in Spain, the companies that operate in our country will not accept financing.
  • Have a mobile phone line and an email: this requirement guarantees the company that can contact you in case there is any problem.
  • Having a bank account in your name: it is so that the financial company can justify that the delivery of money was made to you and can claim it in case of default.

As we have said, depending on the financial institution these requirements may vary. For this reason, it is worthwhile to study carefully which are the ones that each company requests before filling out the application for the quick loan with Financial Credit Institutions that most interests you.

Frequent doubts about quick loans with Financial Credit Institutions

Now that you know the general information about this type of quick loans, we will move on to solve some frequent doubts that are usually those who are interested in these products.

What happens if I can not repay the loan within the agreed period?

If you find yourself in the situation of not being able to return the money you owe in the term you agreed upon when you requested it, the ideal is to get in touch with the company before the deadline. Obviously, the method of action will vary in each entity, but they will inform you of the options with which you account.

In any case, the most normal thing is that they offer you a period of extension so that you can face the payment. You may be charged late fees for the extra delay, so it is important that you report well on how much you can increase the amount by extending the refund.

A recommendation that we can make from Bonsai Finance is that you inform yourself about this before applying for the loan. Above all, if you think it is likely that the maximum term they offer you is too short.

Are the interest on fast loans with Financial Credit Institutions very high?

Another question that generates more doubts refers to the interest rate applied to these financial products. The reality is that yes, these loans tend to apply high interest rates. At the end of the day, when granting a financing to a person who has already incurred in defaults, the risk they assume is quite remarkable. Hence the high cost of interest.

In any case, you can always check this information on the page of the company you choose to apply for the loan. So you can compare between different entities to get the best price for your financing. On the other hand, you should know that there are many companies that offer a first loan without interest up to a certain amount.

In short, it is essential that you compare the different products available, as this way you can take advantage of offers and more beneficial conditions. And in this way you can undertake the reform before summer comes and the workers are on vacation, to be free during the summer.

Now that you have all this information, do not hesitate to compare the different fast loans with Financial Credit Institutions to start your pending projects without paying more than necessary.