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Loans without paycheck 2019: how to get them in 24 hours

Having a permanent job and a paycheck in 2019 is not easy, just for this reason to go to ask for loans sometimes becomes really difficult, as credit institutions tend to lend money only to those customers who can present solid guarantees of departure. However, there are exceptions, and with some financial agencies you can access loans without paychecks , even within 24 hours . So let’s see how to get them with Findomestic, Agos, Compass and Poste .

Loans without paycheck 2019: how to get them in 24 hours?

 Loans without paycheck 2019: how to get them in 24 hours?

With the overwhelming advancement of a deep economic crisis in recent years, being able to access a loan always becomes difficult, given that banks require stringent guarantees before granting a loan to potential customers. For this reason, in order to apply for a loan, it is necessary to have behind the solid foundations from which to start, for example, to prove that you receive a paycheck every month; but the world of work is no longer that of years ago, and finding a permanent job with a permanent contract and a paycheck is really a challenge. The precariousness is the master, and in these conditions it becomes difficult to gain access to a personal loan , when there are needs to be met; however, in some cases it is possible to sign a financing contract with credit institutions, even when a pay slip can not be used as a guarantee. This is because when you go to request a loan, even if you can not present a paycheck, you can still present other types of guarantees ; consequently, if you meet the right requirements , you can aspire to apply for a loan to a bank or a finance company, even if you do not have a paycheck. Obviously every potential customer is different from another, and therefore different conditions must be respected, depending on the personal economic condition at the time the loan is requested. In fact, if anyone wants to apply for a loan is an independent worker or freelancer, then he / she will generally have to present to the credit institution with which he / she wants to apply, his / her last tax return , to show his / her income and to access the requested financing, which must therefore be in accordance with the income declared.

To be able to access loans without a paycheck is therefore more difficult but it is not impossible, we have seen it in the case of all those self-employed , with VAT, who can show their income by presenting their tax return. However, there are also other categories, namely those of temporary workers , or temporarily unemployed, or women who work at home, or students: in short, all those who are unable to have fixed monthly income , and therefore in the absence of other precise guarantees they are necessarily to be excluded from the start as regards the request for a loan. Despite this, if there are other guarantees in place of the paycheck, it would still be possible to access a loan : in particular if you were unable to demonstrate a fixed monthly income due to the payment of a salary , the one that one must do is to bring another type of income as a guarantee. This applies, for example, in the case of a housewife, or a worker who is currently unemployed, but who can replace the paycheck, a different type of income, such as in the case of a real estate from which to make a monthly rent, or in case of a management of a B & B directly in your property. In short, in all those situations where the minimum economic income is guaranteed, even if it does not arrive directly from the paycheck; in this way the bank will be able to verify that in case of insolvency there is still a guaranteed economic cover. In other situations, however, if you are not able to guarantee that there is a minimal periodic economic income, then the way to apply for a loan to a bank is to present a guarantor that with its income, can guarantee a source of income on which to refer in case of insolvency of debt by the signer of the loan.

In this case the procedure of the guarantee is put into practice, with which the guarantor in his person and with his economic assets formally undertakes to protect the credit institution against the debtor, who can not present any other form of economic entry. Furthermore, as a further guarantee for the loan it is requesting, a material asset can be presented directly, on which the bank can refer if it is not able to complete the contract ; the important thing in this case is that it is a good that goes to equal or exceed the economic value of the financing to which it is desired. To request a loan without a paycheck , therefore, does not mean that we can aim to have the economic sum we need, without presenting guarantees; simply what must be done is to know and understand that instead of the salary , the fixed income to be demonstrated, must at least present itself to the credit institution in other forms. It goes without saying that in any case, unless you are able to demonstrate numerous and very remunerative income, when you think of a loan without a paycheck you can not aim at astronomical figures , but you have to settle for sums enough restricted. However, for all the necessary expenses, such as buying a car or buying new furniture for the home, or for particular medical expenses, for example, applying for a personal loan can really help; but this also applies to all those expenses that also concern the sphere of leisure, such as a trip, or the organization of a wedding, or all the rest of the economic outgoings that pertain to the needs of every day. In these cases, then, even without a paycheck, we have seen that loans can be requested: let’s see which are the most advantageous for this 2019 .

Findomestic: here’s how to get loans without paychecks in 2019

When you are not in possession of a paycheck , then, you should not despair if you want to apply for a loan to one of the many financial companies ; the important thing is to know which requirements each of them requires and to understand whether or not to apply for a loan. Let’s start with Findomestic and then see what could be the cases in which you could see your loan application accepted; let’s start immediately by saying that we must first of all respect the age limits, which must necessarily be between 18 and 75 years old and that must be shown to be Italian citizens who actually reside in the territory. Furthermore, it must be shown that they are holders of a current account and have a demonstrable income; so here comes the node that concerns the paycheck. Despite this, however, even without payroll in theory you can apply for loans, given that Findomestic also takes into consideration all those questions where there are guarantees substitutive to fixed salary, such as those concerning revenue from real estate leased , or from food paid by a former spouse, or mortgages on real estate owned. In the absence of these Findomestic could also accept the figure of the guarantor, that is, a person who is committed to your place to ensure that solidity and economic coverage that the loan applicant may not have.

Once you have made sure you have at least one of the availabilities described above, then you can proceed with a loan request to Findomestic, and you can do it directly online : just connect to the official site, find the appropriate window to apply for personal loans and enter the amount you need. Thanks to the online calculator it will be possible to know immediately the period of the installment , as well as the amount of the installments with lots of interest rates attached; it is likely that different solutions will be found on this and then you will not have to do is tick off the one that best suits your needs. Once the best option has been decided, it will be necessary to fill in an application form and sign it with the appropriate digital signature ; in a short time, even 24 hours , you will be able to find out if Findomestic has accepted your loan application and adjust accordingly. Finally, we recall that a financial company like Findomestic can grant a loan with a maximum amount of 60,000 euros, and that the duration of the installment can go from a minimum of 6 months up to a maximum of 120 months, even if it is difficult to request a loan. Loan without paychecks can reach such high figures.

Agos Ducato 2019 payday loans

 Agos Ducato 2019 payday loans

More or less the same goes for another finance company, Agos , which provides four types of loan without paychecks: loan to unemployed, housewives, loan without income and loan without guarantees.

Here too, instead of the paycheck, the basic requirement is that of being able to demonstrate valid alternative guarantees , such as a mortgage or guarantor on which to refer in case of insolvency of the debtor. In some cases Agos could also accept as an alternative guarantee, the stipulation of a policy on the life of the debtor, another requirement that could reduce the perception of risk to the financial company, in granting a loan to an individual who has no demonstrable income through the paycheck. Also to be taken into account with Agos is the fact that the high risk perception, causes that in some cases will be put a ceiling to the amount paid, that is 5,000 euros : this means that generally without pay, it is difficult to have access to a higher sum . However, for a personal loan it is still a considerable amount, useful for everyday needs; Agos also expects that the interest rate may be fixed or variable, while the duration remains constant over time. However, there may be some exceptional cases: for example with regard to loans to young people , Agos provides facilities, especially if they are students; then we talk about the so-called loans of honor , a sort of non-repayable loans, which are however only provided for these particular categories. Even here, however, to know how to have them, you can proceed directly with an online request , in the special section dedicated to the calculation of the estimate , and proceed to fill out the form with the various required data, including the amount of the amount of which you want to request.

Compass payday loans 2019

 Compass payday loans 2019

Precisely because now the fixed place and the paycheck have become today a kind of chimera, especially for young people, or for those who at an advanced age have found themselves having to return to the world of work, because affected by the economic crisis, many banks and finance companies are trying to meet all these potential customers. Even if you do not have a paycheck, then it is true that accessing a loan is more difficult, but it should not be impossible, given that there are options for those who do not have a fixed monthly salary. In this also Compass is no exception: in fact all those self-employed workers without paychecks, but who want to apply for a loan, will simply have to submit the last Single Model to access the application. There are also possibilities for those temporary workers who have a demonstrable, but not long-term, income; but how does it work for all those who have no guaranteed minimum income to bring? Well with Compass , as with other financial companies, everything or almost revolves around the figure of the guarantor, ie a person from the stable economic situation on which the creditor can refer in case of debt default by the applicant. If you are able to present a guarantor deemed reliable, in fact, Compass will apply to the loan application more or less the same conditions that it requires in the case of a normal request for a personal loan.

Here too, to find out more, simply search for the official Compass website and complete the form with all the data in the section on loans; the important thing is to have a clear picture of the amount and the months in which the debt repayment plan is to be distributed. Once you have entered these precise data, then the calculator will be able to make a first estimate , with the amount of the monthly installments provided and with the percentages of the Tan and Taeg rates .

BancoPosta Loan without pay slip 2019: Poste Italiane’s proposals

Therefore, everything is still revolving around the guarantor, and the same thing also happens with BancoPosta , the loan provided by Poste Italiane . In fact, in the requisites demanded by Poste for a loan there is the income document, which obviously is not able to present the one who does not have a paycheck; however, since it is specified that it is a work or retirement income , it is self-evident that self-employed and freelancers can access BancoPosta, presenting the Single Model, as well as pensioners, presenting instead the last coupon received, agreement that they are less than 75 years old. In the absence of an entry fixed due to the work practice, even Poste requires the replacement guarantees that relate to other types of income, such as pensions due to the ownership of property rents or maintenance payments from a former spouse, or the willingness to do a mortgage on a property owned.

In the absence of these prerogatives here comes the guarantor , which according to Poste must have some very specific characteristics, such as a stable and healthy economic situation so as to be able to repay him instead of the debtor if this proves insolvent , a permanent position with a permanent contract, aged between a minimum of 18 years and a maximum of 75 years, never having been a bad payer and, even better, having one or more of his property. In addition, Poste grants loans only to those who are already a customer, and therefore has a Booklet or the holder of a BancoPosta account; this is the only way to access the Banco Posta Loan . The sum that can be requested ranges from a minimum of 3,000 euros up to a maximum of 30,000 euros, and the installment can last from 24 up to 84 months; once the right combination between the amount of the installments and the duration of the loan repayment has been decided, then Postepay Evolution will pay the sum requested on Postepay Evolution, if it has one, or on the Booklet registered or still on a current account , which may also be different from BancoPosta. Finally, each debtor can also choose to sign another contract envisaged by Poste, slightly different from the BancoPosta Loan, which is called BancoPosta Flexible Loan , which differs from the first because the debtor can take advantage to skip the installment or change the amount, thus changing periodically the re-entry plan and adapting it to the needs of the moment.